Bellbrook Community Preschool



Bellbrook Community Church established a Christian based Pre-School in 1976. Currently young children 3 & 4 years of age meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00-11:30AM and the Pre-k class for 4 & 5 year olds meets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00-11:30AM.  The preschool meets or exceeds all State requirements while offering an educational Christian based curriculum. Our teachers provide a fun learning experience for each child’s growth and development.  Call 937-848-2126 for a personal tour.  Or e-mail us at for more information.



T-TH Class for 3&4 year olds offers a safe, secure and fun environment to transition from home to school.  We begin our lessons with monthly numbers, shapes and colors, days of the week and Ten Commandments while learning how to be kind and respectful.  Our school day consists of art, music, play, story and movement.

M-W-F Pre-K class is for 4&5 year olds planning on attending kindergarten the following school year.  This class includes letter and number recognition and writing with the beginning basics of reading.  Our lessons contain daily Art, Music, story time, Brain Gym, large and small group play, Bible lessons, prayer, calendar, weather and snack. In addition the children will learn about Science, sign language, nature studies, poetry, opposites, and rhyming words.

Both classes offer:

  • Special theme days               
  • Class picnics
  • Monthly story time from Winter’s Library
  • Visits from the local dentist and fire department and musical guests
  • Christmas programs and end of the year programs
  • 1:7 teacher student ratio

 - Our preschool’s small size generates close interaction with ALL of the students.  This close relationship ensures maximum growth and development among each of our preschoolers.

- Our preschool’s emphasis on Christian values and education provides a unique advantage for families seeking this benefit.

- Our preschool offers a structured yet relaxed atmosphere perfect for each child to reach their fullest potential.



“All of my children attendend BCC Preschool.  The focus on curriculum, faith, manners and life lessons is very well balanced.  The teachers are warm, welcoming and caring, and really do a good job of communicating with parents.  My children loved it and your will too.”
- Wendy